Video Doorbell + Smart Lock + Security Cam + Concierge

Remotely control & view every door (home, apartment, office, etc.)

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TRUSTED BY OVER 200 TOP LANDLORDS & MANAGEMENT COMPANIES Features is our Smart Lock + Video Doorbell + Security Camera + Concierge all-in-one. It makes managing, monitoring, and securing 1 or 10,000 homes much easier, safer, and enables you to allow guests, vendors, maintenance, and couriers in on your terms even from far-away.

High Resolution Camera + Audio

See who's at the door & video chat with them on your app -- even when you're miles away. Their photo is stored on the cloud.

You can even require couriers take an "I'm Out!" selfie once they've left and closed the door.

Backup Key & 9V Battery Power

The batteries last 1-2 years, but if you forget to change them, or there's a malfunction, you can unlock the door with backup key, or power the unit with a 9V battery.

Our integrated will remind you when it's time to change batteries, and alert you if a door goes offline.

Unlock with Code, NFC, Zigbee, WIFI, App...
... and Fingerprint

With NFC the door can unlock as you approach, perfect for when you're wearing gloves or carrying with both hands.

You can also unlock with:
code, fingerprint, app, WiFi, ZigBee, GateGuard panel,, or our Courier API.

IR Motion Detection & SecuritySnap™

The app will alert you if someone is loitering near your door for more than 30 seconds.

It will send a high-resolution photo to the tenant (and to building management & security if enabled).

Smart Home Control & Lock

Push one button as you leave to turn off lights & appliances (add-on service & plugs required).

Simple, easy-to-understand locking mechanism.

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Simple, upfront pricing. No haggling. No hidden fees. ( pricing is up the page.) (1 lock)
$649 (2 or more)
Installation (NYC only. 20+ locks only)
DIY (it's fast & easy) or $49/lock (20+ locks only)
Service (Monthly, Optional)
Video Doorbell
Mesh Security
App Unlock
Visitor Codes
Guest Tracking
Delivery Tracking
Vendor Tracking
Broker Tracking
Device Backup
Record Storage
$1/mo or $11/year
$1.50/mo or $15/year
Insurance (Optional)
$30 ($189 deductible)

If someone breaks your lock (which is really tough to do!), we'll replace it.

Shipping & Tax not included. No refunds, returns, or cancellations.
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Order now Frequent Questions

(You can also find FAQ on up the page.)

When can I get a mine?

These will ship about 90 days from your order (or less, we hope!). We test every device, check it with our cloud, put it through different temperatures, and ship them out.

Who install this?

You can (it's really easy & fast!) or we can send someone.

Do I need WiFi?

If you don't have it, we can ship you 4G LTE WiFi Router(s) and SIM cards - no need to run wires!

What if someone breaks it?

You can insure them for $30 each and then it's just $189 to replace versus $749.

How long do the batteries last?

They last 1-2 years depending on usage. (Due to shipping laws & safety we do not include the batteries.)

Can I get a discount?

The prices on our site are the only prices & terms we offer.

Who makes you better?

This is the only lock to integrate with the Intercom and cloud came system. We build it from the ground-up to work with multifamily & commercial properties, together with the advice of top law firms & designers.

Can people use this to host on sites like Airbnb / VRBO /

You can use it to let anyone into pretty much any door.
But remember: do not break your local laws! Your landlord might evict you!

Can I use this on the front of a multifamily or office building?

Yes! We also recommend our Face Recognition Intercom & Virtual Doorman.
They all work together (or separately!).

Can I get a refund or return this?

Sorry, this is a no-refund, no return, no-cancellation sale. We'll do our best to make you happy, though!

Did you really just make a joke about shnauzers?

Maybe one of them bit our founder when he was six.

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